village health action


Village Health Action is youth-led organization founded in 2012 that focused on promoting public health from grassroots level. There is a lack of information which lead people to consult witch doctors and others go to the hospital at late stage therefore an increase of mortality and morbidity is observed. A group of medical students most of them in third year launched the organization to educate people on health issues starting community in remote areas. We are committed to achieve health for all.



No single person on the earth should die because he cannot afford medicines or care. We strongly believe that every human being deserves dignity and to reach it, its health must be guaranteed without regarding of its status.


Our vision is to create a healthier society by bringing information and interventions to the needy in the context of globalization dominated by complexity of social determinants of health using evidence-based research methods.


Mission and Core values

Our mission is to empower, unleash people  and give back to the community by being accountable.

Our core values are equality, innovation and excellence

Comment pouvons-nous vous aider?

Contactez-nous au bureau d’ISC sise à Bujumbura Avenue des manguiers numéro 4 ou envoyez une demande de renseignements en ligne.

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